Wine Bottle Tool Set

Keep everything needed for a successful dinner party in one place with the wine bottle kit. Cleverly concealed within a wine bottle, this accessory pack can inconspicuously sit amongst your various wine bottles until needed. Have you ever scoured your kitchen for the necessary tools to open and pr...


Up Yours Mug

Say it straight with the Up Yours Mug.Ideal as a Secret Santa gift for your favourite colleague or even your boss, the Up Yours mug is the gift that just keeps on giving.From the outside, the mug looks rather inconspicuous: the surprise 3D gesture will only reveal itself as the victim finishes their...


Ninja Mug (with Cover, Spoon & Coaster)

Even silent assassins need a tea break “ I'll take mine with 2 sugars and pain".  Need to get your energy back for stabbing and jumping stealthily? This Ninja Mug will instantly revive your spirits - use it to hold your cup of tea. Note: green tea is the most ninja-like but have a builders' t...


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