What Is Rhodium

Discovered by William Hyde Wollaston in 1803, and named after the rose colour of one of is Chlorine compounds, produced after it reacted with the powerful acid mixture ‘aqua regia’ (Nitro-Hydrochloric Acid). Rhodium is one of the most precious (and costly) metals in the Platinum metal group.

Boasting a very rare ‘silvery-white’ shine and being extremely durable, this exquisite metal is found within Platinum and Nickel ores along with other members of the Platinum group metals. As a member of the ‘noble metals’ group, Rhodium is also resistant to corrosion! It can even withstand the powerful aqua regia acid mixture, which can successfully dissolve Gold and Platinum!

On the periodic table, Rhodium has the symbol ‘Rh’ and an atomic number of 45. With the standard atomic weight of 102.90550(2), it is composed of a single naturally occurring isotope – 103Rh. You can find it in Group 9, D-block. The natural state is solid.


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Rhodium’s major uses include:

Major use (around 80%) – 3 way catalytic converters in cars and other automobiles.

Because of its anti-corrosion properties and resistance to most of the aggressive chemicals, Rhodium is often alloyed with Platinum or Palladium and applied in high temperature and corrosive-resistant coatings.

Plating of White Gold – To improve aesthetic appearance.

Plating of Silver – For its anti-corrosive properties.


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